Your Halloween Horoscope, Revealed!

Hollywood's version of Halloween is a bit of a mixed bag. In Mean Girls, the night ends disastrously for Cady Heron when Aaron Samuels totally disses her in spite of her amazing zombie ex-wife costume. Meanwhile, in Casper, a dance held at the haunted Whipstaff Manor goes from rad to bad when the night takes a very spooky turn. Or, there's Hocus Pocus, in which everyone in the entire town of Salem shows up at what has to be the most epic Halloween shindig we've ever seen, complete with a spellbinding performance by Winnie Sanderson (a.k.a. Bette Midler).
But, let's forget about the big screen for a moment. What does this Friday's holiday have in store for you? Ahead, two of L.A.'s top astrologers — Maja D'Aoust of White Witch Astrology and Kiel Pollitt of Astro-Health — break down what each and every sign can expect this Halloween. Click ahead if you dare...
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