This Graffiti Artist Spray Paints Dream Houses For The Homeless

In a city overflowing with wealth, it can be hard to believe a place like Skid Row exists. The 50-block area is populated by an estimated 3,500 homeless people — many of whom are mentally ill or disabled. Though there are several initiatives to address this dire situation, a good portion of L.A. locals find it pretty easy to overlook it altogether.
It's precisely this disregard that an anonymous graffiti artist known as Skid Robot seeks to challenge. The concept is simple: Skid Robot illustrates the hopes and wishes of each of his subjects, creating their dream homes and telling their backstories — in spray paint. The resulting images are unbelievably powerful in their message, and seek to draw attention to a portion of the population that is too often rendered invisible.
"I offer whatever help that I can, I try to get to know some of these people and give them an open ear and heart," he told The Huffington Post. "My message is one of compassion, to look out for those who are less fortunate and to do for others."
While this isn't a solution to a very complex problem, we applaud the artist for creating a dialogue through his work — and doing so with the utmost creativity. Ahead, check out a selection of his work. Who knows, it may inspire you, too.

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