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Beyoncé’s Super Trendy Outfit Is Unexpectedly Edgy

For us, about 70% of house-hunting is rifling through Craigslist ads — trying to decipher which listings are legitimate amid the hundreds of too-good-to-be-trues (and avoid broker's fees). Then, we actually view said listings and negotiate terms — crossing our fingers for a room with a view. It's a chore, to put it mildly, and we generally do it in sweats or jeans-and-tee combos. Well, Beyoncé and Jay Z aren't your average homebuyers. The Carters' recent tour of the Parisian real-estate market was a decidedly more fashionable — and less stressful — affair.
For the outing, Beyoncé looked equal parts girly and sporty in a Marc by Marc Jacobs top from Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier's inaugural fall '14 collection. On the runway, the graphic shirt paired with high-top sneakers and heaps of black eyeliner for a grungier feel. Instead, Bey teamed hers with a neon-green pleated skirt and printed baseball cap, giving off a more light-hearted vibe. And, while we'll concede this isn't our go-to choice for making a first impression, we can't help but admire her sartorially adventurous nature.
The coordinates of Chez Z are still TBD, but we have just the thing(s) to tide you over. Ahead, shop all the pieces you need to crib this style.