The (Maybe) Future Miss America Wears 3-D Printed Shoes

embedPhoto: Via @georgiatech.
With all the big hair, enhanced teeth and sometimes-awkward Q&As, pageantry may seem like an archaic practice to some. But, thanks to Miss America contestant Maggie Bridges, the circuit's shoe game just got a whole lot more cutting-edge. The Georgia Tech senior will be wearing a pair of custom 3-D printed pumps at the finale, held on September 14 in Atlantic City.
Inspired by her alma mater's automobile mascot, Bridges collaborated with three industrial design classmates to create a pair of wedges using state-of-the-art laser-cutting and heat-molding technologies. According to a video released by the college, Bridges wanted the footwear design to be "recognizable...and very Georgia Tech." While her chance of taking home the crown is still up for debate, she's sure to make an impression with her gold, honeycomb-printed kicks. Just think about the sea of strappy stilettos that make up the Shoe Parade year after year.
With 3-D printed lingerie and nail art already on the market, who knows what the future holds for high-tech wearables? But, we know what we're hoping for, and that's outlandish 3-D printed wigs and ball gowns hitting Honey Boo Boo's pageant circuit.

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