Redheaded Men Are Finally Getting Their Due

Name three hot redheaded men. Prince Harry, Damian Lewis, and Michael Fassbender. Okay, that was easy. Now try come up with a comprehensive list of all the redheaded males in Hollywood. The list is pretty short — too short, actually.
Thomas Knights, a British photographer and natural ginger, knows the struggle with having fiery red locks is real. He was constantly made fun of as a kid and turned to hair dye as a way out. But, after 10 years of his high-maintenance routine, Knights had enough. He decided to to embrace his vibrant hue, and challenge some of the weird stereotypes that come along with being a redhead (thanks, Hollywood).
Red Hot, Knight's first solo exhibition (opening September 3 at the BOSI gallery on the Lower East Side), is doing just that — capturing a variety of redheaded males to prove that yes, gingers can be leading-man hot, too. Ahead, Knights talks about being bullied for his hair color, the stereotypes that ginger males face, and why Hollywood needs to step up and hire more redheaded male protagonists.

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