Is Tavi Gevinson Ready For The Real World?

2Photo: Courtesy of NY Mag.
Tavi Gevinson is simultaneously nothing and everything like your teenage self. She's an accomplished editor, actress, and artist. But, she also knows what it's like to be celebrated for her style in the real world, but be the butt of a joke in the cruel environs of the tweenage realm. It's an unfair position, to be both publicly praised and privately ridiculed. Yet, perhaps unlike you, Gevinson doesn't regard her middle and high school years with rebuke. “I think everybody should go to high school,” she told New York magazine, of which she's the cover star. “It’s horrible, and it unites you with other people.”
Perhaps its this brand of insight that lends her to be the perfect person for her role as Jessica in This Is Our Youth, a play with Michael Cera. Even for all her celebrity, Gevinson remains humble. "Sometimes, when you’re doing a magazine interview, it’s good to remember that you are not, actually, the center of the universe. Like, at all," she tells the magazine.
For how long she'll remain this genuine, though, is up for speculation. Even Gevinson herself is anxious about the way she'll change when she moves to New York next year to attend NYU. “Every time I’m like, 'What if I go to New York and I get caught up and I become a horrible person?'" she shared. And, as New York accurately points out, "any deviation from the 'authentic Tavi' will surely be noted." In a city welcoming — but not unkind — to dreamers, how long will "Well, Iris Apfel liked my outfit” function as a shield?
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