Your Boat Shoes Were Inspired By Dogs, Not Boats

When you think of the Sperry Top-Sider, boats and everything nautical probably come to mind. So, you'd expect the inspiration for their construction would have a sea-related bent to it, too, right? Not so, sailor. While the iconic Sperrys were originally created for better performance and comfort for seamen, the conception actually had some help from man's best friend.
According to HuffPost Style, the first pair of boat shoes was created in 1935 when sailor Paul Sperry saw his dog, Prince, race across wet surfaces with ease. To achieve a friction similar to that of his pet's paws, Sperry used a knife to carve identical marks into the bottoms of his shoes. The rest is history: Today, Sperry Top-Siders are synonymous with preppy style, and their popularity has long sailed beyond the decks.

Click over to HuffPost Style for the full story and a visualized timeline of the footwear staple.
Here's hoping we have more puppy-inspired soles in the future, like ones made specifically for running in circles or tap dancing when you get excited. (HuffPost Style)