Lena Dunham Sparks Inspiring Birth-Control Discussion

rexusa_1935283aqPhoto: Matt Baron/BEImages.
America's seen Lena Dunham naked more times than we can count. Yet, no nude scene on Girls has felt so intimate as the Twitter discussion the star started last night about birth control. Following the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby, Dunham shared with her followers why she was using the drug, and asked them to share why they were using it, too.
Followers dropped all kinds of reasons. One woman already has two children and is choosing not to have any more. Another user mentioned she wants to finish college and get her career going, saying "a baby doesn't fit into that yet." A male tweeter wrote he wants "every girl I ever love to feel safe with every guy they ever love," noting that birth-control pills plays a pivotal role in that (though, remember, the pill doesn't protect against STDs). And, @brattybeeee's tweet stood out for its candor: "because women have the right to enjoy sex without the confines and fear of an unplanned pregnancy, just as men do."
Perhaps Dunham's most poignant contribution to this conversation is to remind us that women don't truly need a reason to use it in the first place.
Ahead, the reasons why women are using birth control. (Elle)

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