Hate Shopping But Need Clothes? You Might Want To Try This…

stitch-fix-1Photo: Courtesy of Stitch Fix.
As someone who feels more excited walking into the DMV than walking into a store, you've probably figured out a system of work-arounds that allows you get what you need without leaving your living room. Amazon Prime replaces your runs to the corner bodega, Fresh Direct supplements your trip to the supermarket, and Glossy Box saves you the side-eye scrutiny you get when playing around with half a dozen beauty products in store. But with clothes? There's a bit of a difference between buying a new pair of boots for the season and enough paper towels for the month; sometimes you need a little personalized guidance to help you make the right decisions. The only problem? Most of the time, you don't actually want to speak to anyone in person to get that help.
For store-aphobes, a new service promises to actually go shopping for you, and leave you with clothes that not only fit in styles that you actually like, but inspire you to try new things, too. It's called Stitch Fix, and it's a service that sets you up with a human stylist who picks out clothes based on a few parameters you provide, sends you options, and you send back whatever you don't want. After the initial $20 styling fee (that you can use toward your final order), you'll just pay for just the garments you want to keep, which are $65 on average (you can also get 25% off the entire lot if you choose to keep everything). And, in case you have any doubt about these stylists' skills, the outfits they put together won't make you look like your fourth-grade teacher or Lady Gaga at Carnival, which is what we suspect is the kind of middle ground you're aiming for.
Of course, for those of you with very specific tastes, who actually enjoy the hunt, and for whom a strong sense of personal style is part of your identity, this service might seem like the opposite of helpful. But, there are legions of women out there who just want to look great, but don't care to do the grunt work to get there — and there's no shame in that. Click through to Stitch Fix to scope out the process, check out potential outfits and products, and decide for yourself whether it's right for you.