Reese Witherspoon And Her Son Are Ridiculously Cute

How do we love Reese Witherspoon's Instagram snaps? Let us count the ways. First, there was the celebrity girls' trip. Then, the on-set shenanigans with Sofia Vergara. Now, we have another (adorable) reason to ogle the actress' account: her one-year-old son, Tennessee. Seriously, how cute is he?
The exceptionally well-dressed mother-son pair are in New Orleans while Witherspoon films her new flick, Don't Mess With Texas. Both her and co-star Vergara have been chronicling their life on and off the NOLA set for the past few weeks. Witherspoon has also posed with her stunt double and showed off some seriously delicious sweets, but Tennessee wins the title of cutest companion, hands-down.