We Found The Most Amazing OKCupid Profile, Ever

embedPhoto: Courtesy of OkCupid.
Forget what you know about online dating. No, really. Everything your friends or sister or mom told you to put in your OKCupid profile — just delete it. Instead, create a new one and model it entirely off of this one user, who is clearly the only person doing it right. Because while all you sad sacks are worried about using the right angle or finding flattering lighting, this woman goes hard in the paint (with paint!) and just wants you to know she is a cat woman and you have NO choice but to get on board. And, friends, let us tell you: We are on board.
Swap out that tiger selfie for a cat photo, in which you are also dressed as a feline of some description. Instead of a wordy bio, simply say you are a "happy cat." Or, maybe you are actually a "big pink Panda."
Also, someone take this woman out on a date. She is too rad. Ya know what? She should just come by the R29 office for Bagel Friday sometime.

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