MTV’s TRL Is Coming Back As Total Ariana Live

embed2Photo: Stewart Cook/REX USA.
"Genie In A Bottle." "Hot In Herre." "Thong Song." Sound familiar? Such were the gems of the early '00s, a.k.a TRL's heyday. And, now, the pop-culture powerhouse is coming back. Except not really.
MTV is bringing the TRL format back for a 30-minute special with Ariana Grande called Total Ariana Live. The show, airing on July 2, will set up shop in the original Times Square studio and will be broadcast in front of a live audience. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Grande is slated to perform a version of her song 'Problem' and debut her upcoming single 'Break Free,' as well as have her hip-hop knowledge tested in a 'Hip Hop Mix Up' game." And, MTV reports there will be a surprise announcement during the show.
We're not totally sure how we feel about this reboot. After all, what's TRL without boy bands and Britney? But, maybe if Carson Daly hosts, all will be copacetic. (The Hollywood Reporter)