This Miley Cyrus Cover Just Made Me Cry

I've never been a huge fan of Miley. To be clear, I've never felt personally offended by her wild antics. And, I don't hate her music. But, I find her whole thing, as well as the overarching hypocrisy, a bit exhausting to watch. See, for someone who makes such a point about not giving a f***k, the production of her live award-show performances alone are so insanely massive and over-the-top, it's pretty clear she doesn't just give a f***k — she gives everything.
But this morning, something happened that I'm a little embarrassed to admit: A Miley Cyrus song made me cry. Only this Miley song isn't actually performed by the wild child herself. A friend forwarded me a YouTube video of a band called Postmodern Jukebox performing "We Can't Stop." Within 45 seconds, I felt tears sliding down my cheeks, and chills — yes, CHILLS! — all over.
After watching it once (and then once more), I did some research on the New York-based jazz band. Turns out, this is kind of their speciality — as the band's leader Scott Bradlee states on their website, "I found by simply altering the context of such songs, I could find quite a bit of artistic merit inside of them." Or, in the case of their Miley cover in particular, the context is completely stripped and replaced by wildly impressive talent — not to mention a rad NYC doo-wop band and the magic of a double bass. In other words, without the wild antics, and with a newfound awesome sound, the song itself, as performed by the Postmodern Jukebox, may have just become my favorite single of all time. Watch the full video below, and let me know what you think!

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