Tour Olivia Munn's Home — & Her Crazy Toilet

If we asked you to list all the things you know about Olivia Munn, how far would you get before calling it quits? Sure, you know she's an actress, and, most likely, you recognize her from Magic Mike and The Newsroom. Also, you've probably seen her closet and know she's got a seriously legitimate shoe collection. And, yes, you know about her somewhat odd skin-care habits. But, aside from that, how much more do you actually know about Munn? Well, thanks to, you're about to learn a whole lot more — and fast!
For the second edition of 73 Questions, Vogue went to Los Angeles to interview Olivia Munn. A few factoids to entice you: She likes Tupac, owns a very high-tech toilet, and might just be the only person in a five-mile radius of her L.A. home to say they hate yoga. Also of high importance: Her home looks cozy and laid-back and definitely appears to have no shortage of couches. Really, there are so many couches.
Go ahead and check it out for yourself below. And, yes, Olivia, we would happily enroll in your Intro to Beatboxing course.

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