New Yorkers Are Working Hard — In Their Bathrooms

According to Ikea's "Life At Home" report, New Yorkers are ridiculous.
The Swedish furniture brand surveyed over 8,000 people in international cities. It found interesting stats about how people feel when they wake up (spoiler alert: stressed) and whether or not everyone's cuddling enough. The highlight about New Yorkers, though, is that we're bringing our jobs home with us — namely, to our toilets.
"Quite a few New Yorkers have no issue conducting their business where other business is traditionally done," according to the report. Apparently 17% of the New Yorkers surveyed admit to working (or studying) while on the porcelain throne — compared to only 10% of people in Berlin, London, Moscow, Mumbai, and Paris. This trend's likely cause? That ambitious, 24/7 work mentality many NYC folks feel.
It's true that the NYC work ethic is unlike any other. We would turn that information into an argument for transforming bathrooms into cell-phone-free zones — if we weren't fairly certain you're reading this on the john right now. (Fast Company)

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