Charlize Theron Really Wants You To Know How To Pronounce Her Name

Turns out, we've been saying Charlize Theron's name wrong all along. Fortunately, the A Million Ways To Die In The West actress went on The Tonight Show to set the record straight. She told Jimmy Fallon that everyone screws up her last name, pronouncing it their-ohn rather than their-in. "I almost want to make an audio voice tape of how to pronounce my name," she said. When Fallon pronounced it correctly, she quipped, "It's like music to my ears. It's beautiful." The more you know.
Theron also chatted about her hosting gig on Saturday Night Live. Fallon complimented the actress on her great timing and told her that she should be on the cast, to which she responded, "I am too old. They are like marathon runners." She also joked that she slept for a week after hosting. Hey, we don't blame you, Charlize. (BuzzFeed)