Watch This Exclusive New Fashion Doc (That’s Not Even On Netflix Yet)

We all know that the best sorts of evenings involve a laptop and a soft landing pad, with a carton of takeout. And, if tonight's agenda involves that holy trinity, you're in luck. We know you've exhausted all the movies in your "More Like The September Issue" Netflix category, and if you're not so keen on finding out what the big deal with Caprica was tonight, we've got exclusive early access to a brand-new fashion documentary.
Titled The Next Black, this 45-minute long documentary charts the future of fashion, touching on everything from the environmental pitfalls of fast fashion to wearable technology to a future in which we might not even need clothes, and instead have something like "digital skin." Available exclusively for Refinery29 readers today at 3 p.m. EST here, the movie will be released to the general public tomorrow.