Tina Fey’s Cracked The Code On Women In Late-Night TV

Tina Fey likens the late-night television game to the Super Bowl. "I like talking about it because I know the players, but it doesn't affect me at all," she told Seth Meyers Wednesday night on his show. The conversation started when he asked Fey what she thought about the lack of women in "the late-night wars." Unsurprisingly, she has a very interesting theory.
In her opinion, it's all a wardrobe problem. Most late-night hosts end up with said gig around the age of 35 or 40 and stay in that position until about 65. So, if you're a lady, there comes a pivotal moment when you realize the cocktail dresses you started wearing in your 30s aren't as age-appropriate at 65, according to the comedian. That's why Fey's pegged Ellen as the first woman who's bound to break into late-night TV — she started out wearing jackets.
Of course, Fey makes these observations in jest. Though, it's disappointing to think there may be a nugget of truth in what she's saying. Check out the full clip below to hear the full theory — and to hear about her kids playing baseball (it's the cutest). (Vulture)