Congrats, Los Angeles: We Won The Worst Award Ever

rexusa_524161aPhoto: Rick Colls/REX USA.
We have a lot of reasons to boast about living in Los Angeles, but as anyone with sinuses can tell you, our air quality is not among them. So much so, in fact, that we recently nabbed the less-than-stellar title of Most Polluted City in America.
Los Angeles ranked numero uno on the list conducted by the American Lung Association. Four other California cities rounded out the top five, including Bakersfield and Sacramento. Man, it's a tough day to be a Golden State resident. At least we still have our top-notch weather and beautiful beaches — just try to take that away from us! Oh, and New Yorkers, don't get ready to brag just yet. NY still made the list at number 12. Click here to see if your own city made the unfortunate cut. (Gawker)