What People In 1893 Predicted We’d Be Wearing Today Isn’t SO Far Off

Even with market reports, Fashion Week, and real-time feedback, it's hard enough knowing what folks are going to be wearing just six months from now, much less 100 years. But, about a century ago, a certain W. Cade Gall attempted to do just that, and — thankfully for us — illustrated his predictions. The series of drawings were meant to document clothing trends between 1893, the year it was published, and 1993. And, it showcases all manners of crazy, from princess-style cone hats and peplum knee pants to sandals the size and shape of personal pizza pans.
Public Domaine noted it was interesting that despite the creativity of some of the pieces (propeller headbands and nose straps, anyone?), there were a few conventions that Gall couldn't get over — namely "the long length of women's skirts and the seemingly ubiquitous frill." It all culminates in a surprisingly on-point outfit for 1993 that involves a striped shirt, a colored topcoat, a maxi-skirt, ugly shoes, and what we like to think is an e-cigarette. To think, just four years prior in Gall's world, we were wearing a double-bubble skirt, Queen of Hearts headgear, and a daytime parasol. Of course, we do have Gaga. So, in some senses, Gall was right on all his predictions. (Public Domain Review)

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