12 Treats Worthy Of Your Tax Return

It’s Tax Day, which can mean one of two things: Either you completely forgot to file and are making an emergency call to your accountant, or you’re grinning from ear to ear because that refund check is already en route. If you’re lucky enough to fall into the latter group, you’re probably strategically planning what to do with your incoming influx of cash. So, what's it going to be? Take a vacation? Donate to a charity? Indulge in that dream-ticket item?
To help you decide, we whipped up a handy-dandy, what-to-buy guide. From delicious desserts to much-needed getaways to It accessories to practical finds you can write off next year, the treats ahead cover all your shopping bases. And, because we know some of you may not want to blow the entire check, we've broken our list down by different price points. Get ready to spend those hard-earned dollars — you so deserve it.