January Jones Thinks Mad Men Should End Before Everyone’s Sick Of It

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Mad Men fans: brace yourselves. The seventh and final season of the beloved show premieres tonight — and to say we're bummed it's ending is an understatement. January Jones, however, seems to be taking it a bit easier than we are. We talked with the Mad Men star at Lucky's Fashion and Beauty Blogger Conference, where she revealed why she's content with the show concluding. Read on to hear Jones spill on the hardest part of filming the last season, what the premiere has in store for us, and more.

Do you think it’s the right time for the show to end?
"I do think it’s the right time. It’s going to be next year that it ends; we still have a little while. But, I do, because I think we all want to go out when everyone still likes it, and not when everyone’s sick of it. They might already be sick of it, I don’t know. I think our story is ready to be done being told in that way, but it will be sad, and I’ll miss everybody."


When did you first learn that season seven would be the last? What was your reaction?
"Probably a couple years ago. We got advance notice, so we were like, 'Oh okay, that’s a couple years from now.' First, we only thought we were going to get one year. Then, they said season five was definitely the end. Then, they brought it to seven, so we’re like 'Okay, that’s fine.'"

Is the on-set dynamic any different now that you know it’s ending?
"I think everyone is just a bit more emotional. Certain people have emotional scenes. Maybe that’s the last time those characters will interact, or it’s the last time we’ll see that character. It’s kind of getting to that point where everything seems like the last of something, or the end of something. But, then again, we don’t get a lot of notice about what’s happening in the next episode, so it’s like 'Was this the last scene we’re going to do together?' We don’t really know, so it’s kind of hard."

What can we expect from the premiere?

"I just saw the premiere a couple days ago. It was probably the best season opener I’ve seen — maybe since season one or two. It was so good."

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