Kwasi Enin Got Into Every Single Ivy League University

Kwasi Enin is 17 years old. He is a high school senior from Shirley, Long Island. Oh, and he was just accepted into all of the Ivy League schools — all of them. Enin recently received acceptance letters from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and UPenn. And, since USA Today reports that each Ivy accepts fewer than 15% of applicants, this is obviously a big deal. Enin hasn't made a decision about where he'll go yet, but he's thinking Yale.
How did he do it? Obviously, the kid's a total brain. He scored 2250 out of 2400 on the SATs. So, there's that. But, we can't help but think it may also have something to do with Enin's lack of a social media presence. There's not a public Facebook or Instagram account to be found. Which means more time for studying and less time for goofing off, scrolling through an endless feed of updates.
We should also note, he applied — and was accepted — to Duke and three SUNYs. Kind of puts the idea of a safety school into perspective, huh? (NBC New York)