Reformation Launches A Bridal Collection — We. Freak. Out.

Reformation really knows the way to our heart. Give us a summery, vintage shift dress that actually fits and flatters, and we officially have a crush. Next, offer up a wildly soft sweatshirt with the words "Kate Moss And Some Pizza Slices" printed across the front, and we want to be exclusive. Throw in a pair of '70s slouchy-skinny jeans that are perfectly cut at the ankle, and we'll summon the courage to say "I love you" first.
And, as of today, Reformation offers a collection of drop-dead gorgeous bridal dresses that mix The Row's relaxed elegance with a dash of '90s Jil Sander minimalism, leaving us ready to say "I do." Seriously though, if we weren't head over heels for the eco-conscious label before, we certainly are now.
The collection includes two wedding dresses and six bridesmaid dresses — each available in a wide range of colors — and appears well-tailored, easy to wear, and definitely much less expensive than the average wedding or bridesmaid dress. Plus, we think we might actually wear any of these dresses to a handful of other events, post-nuptials. Check out the full bridal collection (and try to stop yourself from blushing).