5 Cuffed-Jeans Looks You Need To Master

For those of us who don't have sample-size legs, most jeans require a bit of tailoring before they become perfect. Whether they're too long or too short, pants rarely hit us at that magic spot right above our ankles. And, yes, sure, we'll eventually take them to the tailor at some point in the 28 hours of work we try to stuff into 24 hours. But, until then? We're happy to cuff our too-long jeans.
Whether you go for a double cuff, a simple fold-over, or something elegantly sloppy, a little origami action with your jeans can change the entire look of your denim (for the better!). We like the idea of showing off a little skin, especially now that the sun has finally decided to make an appearance. But, keeping things tidy with the tops of your boots works as well. Even better, when you're in a full-on denim-on-denim outfit, that little fold can give your jeans another pop of color. Ahead, check out five women who've mastered the off-the-cuff cuff.

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