A New Way To Fight With Your Partner

Web (2)Photo: Courtesy of Couples Counseling.
When we've feuded with partners in the past, we admit that it was usually over something silly. Highlights include where to go out for dinner, how to spend a Saturday night, and what movie to watch (Dirty Dancing never wins that argument, just FYI). Still, we've also had our share of real-deal arguments. You know, the type that make you question your relationship with the person in the first place. Though we've been known to resort to the silent treatment in the past, we understand that sometimes a couple really needs some outside help. And, while relationship counseling may feel like a last resort for some, a new set of apps is making this kind of therapy more commonplace.
One app in particular, Couples Counseling, seems to be the leader of the pack. It allows you to communicate directly with a therapist and ask questions. You can also instant message your partner through the app to help create topics of conversation. This is supposed to improve communication, but we're pretty sure it will also serve as a referee in the classic "he said/she said" arena.
Couples Counseling also allows you to browse general relationship tips, keep a notebook on the state of your relationship, and send predefined messages to your partner. That last one is super important, because we don't always choose the right words when we're in the thick of things.
What's so interesting about this app is that it means you don't have to be in the same room as your partner to get help. You can quite literally do it on your own time. It also means that couples counseling is now free — as an app, at least. This will definitely help some people through tough times in their love lives. But, we don't think it will eliminate fighting altogether — Dirty Dancing is that good a movie. (The New York Times)