How To Have It All, Maria Sharapova-Style

Sugarpova-Launch-at-Pinkberry-142Photo: Courtesy of Mehta Media Group.
Being a pro athlete doesn't have to mean all work and no play. Four-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova has mastered the art of maintaining a super fit, healthy lifestyle without sacrificing happiness. So, what's her secret?
While she stays in tournament-ready shape all year, she admits that she gives in to her sweet tooth every now and then — an indulgence that led to her latest venture, a near-eponymous candy line called Sugarpova. We sat down with the tennis star at the launch of Sugarpova's new candy collaboration with Pinkberry, and chatted about how she keeps her workouts interesting, balances a career and a relationship, and more. Read on for Sharapova's pointers on being happy — and having it all.

Everyone Needs A Pick-Me-Up
"I’ve always seen sweets as a treat post-workout or after an accomplishment to treat yourself or reward yourself. Or, even after a tough day as a pick-me-up, rather than something to load on constantly. I think I’m not too strict on myself, because I know that playing tennis is a huge part of my lifestyle and that I constantly exercise and I need energy. But, I also know that it’s important to keep yourself happy. Being mentally happy is just as important as physically happy. So, if you work out and you eat really healthy, then if you have a little bit of a treat — whether that’s candy or yogurt — and you feel good about it, then you don’t really think twice about it because it’s part of your life."

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Keep It Interesting
"I like to exercise outdoors and keep it interesting. You know, take classes that I’m not familiar with or maybe I’m not good at — [like] a dance class. Getting out of your element and not thinking about it. When something is not part of your routine all the time, it can become fun to do it. Then, you don’t think of it as a workout (or work) for something, but you see it as a fun element, or addition, to your lifestyle."

rexusa_1214011fPhoto: Juergen Hasenkopf/REX USA.

Stop Juggling
"You have to respect both your career and your personal life. Your career is important but, of course, as a woman especially, so is hopefully one day creating a family with the person that you love. So, if you think of it as a juggling act, then it’s probably not the right combination. But, it’s more just working on your schedules together, creating opportunity to see each other as much as you can, and valuing your time."

rexusa_1689987r (2)Photo: Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImages.

Change Your Mentality
"I think when you really enjoy the experience of doing something, rather than thinking it’s a chore, that’s when you don’t think of how busy you are, or that you don’t have enough time. You know, I enjoy my days at home sitting around and resting, but I also enjoy being productive and being creative and thinking ahead."

rexusa_1053055dPhoto: Juergen Hasenkopf/REX USA.

Don't Underestimate The Power Of A Really Good Scrub
"Go to the spa! I love taking a couple girlfriends and just going to the spa. Even if it’s like a Korean spa, and you get a really good scrub. Something that’s different to your everyday life — even if you have to spend a bit more money than you would normally — really helps relieve stress."