Chelsea Handler Talks About Her Favorite Books

rexusa_1837050gPhoto: Rex USA.
We all know that Chelsea Handler is hysterical. But, she's not just brilliant when it comes to rattling off pop culture jokes on her show. She's equally sharp talking about — and making fun of — books.
The New York Times talked to the comedian about her love for paperbounds, and we're totally digging her entertaining answers. She chatted about a variety of tomes, from one that made her feel "that I do in fact have a healthy relationship with alcohol," to one that had her completely lost. "I started [Midnight's Children] but found it impossible," she said. "A quarter of the way through, I didn’t know if the bird was a bird, or a shadow; or if I was in a lake, or on a lake; or in a boat, or if I was a ghost or if I was even in India."
As for what she plans on reading next? "It will be something heavy and/or historical. Either my Henry VIII book or Bristol Palin’s latest collection of haikus." As you do, Chelsea! (The New York Times)

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