Meet The Man Getting Breast Implants To Make Your Bra Better

We've heard tales of artists torturing themselves for their work. And, there are certainly actors who get so deep into a role that they live as a character full time. But, what Kewi Bra founder and CEO Muyiwa Olumide is about to do really makes those other measures seem small. And, well, way less risky.
Olumide has confirmed via Facebook that he's decided to get breast implants to better understand what his full-busted customers experience. Yep, you read that right.
The company, whose new style promises to support D- through P-cup breasts, is employing new technology for constructing its bras that's exciting — and, well, also quite confusing. And, Olumide's new scheme for understanding his own products does not clear things up. In fact, we wonder if fake breasts would even help him understand what it's like for women who have a naturally larger bosom. However, Olumide says, "It does take me, at the very least, one step closer to better understanding how to tackle the problem from the inside out."
Olumide is planning to document his augmentation surgery on his company's crowd-funding site. "My goal is to create the most comfortable bra in the world, so whatever steps can help will be on the table," says the CEO. Of course, we're completely in favor of doing your own thing, and if that means altering your appearance to make yourself happy, great. But, is this just a whole new level of workaholic? Either way, this is one transformation that will have our close attention.

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