Greenpoint Men Aren’t Into Condoms, Apparently

1condomImage: Via LifeStyles.
Ladies, it's time to make a drugstore run. Especially if you happen to be dating/knocking boots with someone who lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Why? Chances are he won't be packing condoms of his own.
An interesting stat from New York City's Health Department reveals that nearly 86% of men living in the hipster 'hood didn't use condoms in 2012. (Not surprisingly, the area also had the third-highest birth rate that year.) Ridgewood/Forest Hills (80%), Northern Staten Island (78.7%), and the Upper West Side (78.4%) were also remarkably pro-bareback, which will certainly give you something to think about the next time you make eyes at a hottie in Bar Boulud.
So, who does practice safe sex? Raise a glass to the gents in Central Harlem, where 43% claim to wrap it up. Union Square/Lower Manhattan, Flushing/Clearview, and Bed-Stuy/Crown Heights hovered around 40%, too. Update your online dating filters as you see fit.
Numbers aside, let's make one thing clear, fellas. It doesn't matter where you live. If you're not 100% pro-condom when you're with us, fuhgeddaboudit. (Gothamist)