Anna Kendrick Talks Beer, Beyoncé, And Big-Time Crushes

What can't Anna Kendrick do? Seriously, though, we're actually wondering. She can woo the critics and nab an Oscar nomination (Up In The Air), star in a blockbuster vampire trilogy (The Twilight Saga), and charm the pants off of anyone as the leading lady in a comedy about an a cappella group (Pitch Perfect). Oh, yeah, and then there's that whole "Cups" video she made, which currently has a mere 105.7 million views and counting.

And as if all that wasn't enough to make anyone feel totally inadequate, she's now a hot beer commercial girl — well, sort of... Kendrick's teamed up with Newcastle Brown Ale in a faux Super Bowl commercial spoof. The non-ad mocks the insanity involved in big-budget, halftime ads by pretending to have hired Kendrick for a Super Bowl commercial — only to then decide they can't afford to make it, but still force her to do press. And, surprise, surprise, she kills it and is absolutely hilarious.
Watch our interview with the actress in which we chat about Beyoncé, Instagram, and why she won't ever get a dog. And, in answer to our initial question, we still have yet to find something she's not good at. Ugh.

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