Forever 21 Revisits Hip-Hop Tees — Did They Do It Right?

Last September, Forever 21 found itself in some hot water after the retailer released a line that's now been coined "straight outta Compton." The collection of T-shirts — featuring logos of Ice Cube, "City of Compton," and N.W.A. — led to public outcry on Twitter and claims of cultural appropriation, and the company eventually pulled the line from its site. But, now, it seems Forever 21 is back in the hip-hop game with a handful of new, rap-inspired shirts.
Among the brand's recent release of new clothing comes T-shirts emblazoned with the images of Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, and Kid 'n Play. We've gotta admit, we're pretty stoked to see some of our favorite hip-hop artists of our youth featured on tees from such an accessible retailer. After all, who doesn't love a little nostalgia? Plus, each tee can serve as a striking addition to any laid-back wardrobe. We also have to give props to the retailer for using a relatively more diverse range of models in this release, which was a contentious issue among critics of the brand's "Compton" line late last year.
But, what do you think of these tees? Do you think Forever 21 got it right this time around? And, would you wear 'em? Check out the shirts in question ahead.

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