What Pop Culture Will Be In 2014

Now that 2014 is almost two weeks old, the time for introspection (re: list-making) is over. Miley Cyrus was everything, Kanye West was everywhere, and Jennifer Lawrence was both. So, let’s lock that up, shove it in our time capsule, take a selfie with said capsule, and bury it somewhere unassuming so that no one finds it for the next 20 years. Therefore, Justin Bieber’s front lawn it is.
It’s time to look ahead at what we’ll all be watching, tweeting about, and twerking to in '14. Many of the same cast of characters will be back, because pop culture is stubborn and cyclical. But, there are young stars to emerge, fresh memes to share over our computers, and new shows to watch and live-tweet until our fingers hurt. And, Beyoncé will, well, keep on being Beyoncé. Some things, we hope never change.

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