GASP! The Full House Of Cards Season 2 Trailer Is Here

While the start of the week often induces the Monday blues (especially today, Blue Monday), here's your midday jolt of happiness: Netflix has released its House of Cards Season 2 trailer, and it's even more drama-filled than the last, to keep us fully satiated until the 13-episode binge-watching commences on February 14.
The trailer opens with Frank Underwood "one heartbeat away from the presidency," getting sworn in as Vice President. Meanwhile, there is chaos all around, from political corruption and backstabbing to murder and sex, to a ton of dramatic staredowns and yelling, as each character is on the brink of utter destruction. Zoe is getting closer to uncovering the truth about Frank's crimes, while Raymond is demanding him to return political favors.
Watch the trailer below for chills on chills on chills. And, don't forget Frank's piece of critical advice that closes the clip: "There is but one rule — hunt or be hunted."