13 Totally Rad Calendars To Accompany You Through 2014

Are we the only ones who get really stoked to choose a calendar? Like, it's-the-first-thing-on-our-holiday-agendas stoked? As soon as January 1 rolls around, you can usually find us tearing the plastic off our new wall (or desk) art and browsing the images that accompany each month ahead.
For many of us, unwrapping a calendar symbolizes a fresh start. It's a blank — albeit colorful — canvas just waiting to be filled in. It's also a reminder that we've got plenty of time ahead of us. But, deciding on a particular genre of artwork to look at for the next 365 days can be tough. Do you want to flip through a crop of vintage, black-and-white photos, or would you rather "aww" the year by with a bunch of cute puppies?
If you're not quite sure, we've got a feeling the 13 choices ahead will help you out. From pop art to astrology-themed and poster-size to a more compact display, our varied selection is certain to get anyone excited for 2014. No pressure, though — you've only got to deal with your pick for the next 12 months.