Your Body On Tobacco

WebPhoto: Courtesy of Marlboro.
No matter what kind of warnings we get about smoking, it's still a major problem. In fact, it's such a big issue that New York City just passed a new set of laws requiring customers to be 21 years or older to purchase tobacco products starting in 2014. And, there's new controversy over the efficacy of warning labels on packs of cigarettes. Despite the significant efforts by anti-smoking groups, there remains a portion of the population who simply needs to see to believe. Now, that option has become a reality.
Tobacco Body is a new resource for showcasing the harsh effects of smoking. The interactive imaging system works like a map with a nonsmoker's body on one half and a smoker's on the other. This allows users to not only see the biological changes tobacco causes, but how drastically different you would look if you quit the habit. Now, you can see firsthand how tobacco causes wrinkles, acne, and weight gain, as well as see the way it effects your lungs, stomach, and pregnancy.
Warning: Some of the images are gross. Okay, all of it is gross. But, what makes this imaging system so effective is its dual function as both an educational tool and a scare tactic. It shows the real-life consequences of smoking, while avoiding the hyperbolic nature of a cautionary tale. We recommend sending Tobacco Body around to your friends and family who still light up. Use your savvy photo-editing skills to put a Santa hat on the model. Call it a Christmas card.