10 Trends That Don't Work On Moms (& Some That Do)

Something happens to your head when you have a kid — not to mention your body completely changes, and you can barely recognize yourself through bleary eyes, a fog of tiredness, and matted hair from sleepless nights. Sounds sexy, right? But, when that glimmering light at the end of the tunnel is in the near distance and the kid actually starts to act like a human and sleep normal hours, just like magic, you start to look like your old self again.
Talk about a major lifestyle change: The day I quit my job at Vogue, I found out I was pregnant with my first little, Henry. I went from Zanottis to barefoot and on bed rest. I vowed I wouldn’t lose my own self and style after the nugget was born. After all, everyone should dress up every day. It clears your head and gives you purpose. Looking in my closet was like looking at a past life; like the wedding dress in Beetlejuice, my beautiful clothes from working at the ultimate of fashion magazines stared back at me, mocking me. I will not look like that mom in those vacuum commercials! Say no to chinos!
But, does that mean what I wore in my life before kids would stay exactly the same? Would I don my favorite Miu Miu booties for a stroll in the park avec Bugaboo pram? What once worked pre-kid seems to not work so well anymore. I would not be defeated and succumb to Lululemon yoga pants every day, and, so help me God, I'd make these trends work. But, I failed. Miserably. But, in my horrid attempts, I found the trends that swooped in like Wonder Woman and satiated my style conundrums. Try at least two of these, and I guarantee you will feel like you are part of the universe again.

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