The ’60s Wellness Lessons We Still Use Today

healthlessons1960Illustrated by Austin Watts.
When you think of '60s fashion, you likely think of shift dresses, cigarette trousers, and, well, orange. But, when you think about the attitudes and zeitgeist of this decade, images of peace, love, and liberation come to mind. Fifty years later, we've certainly abandoned reflective sessions in the park for awkward Tinder dates, but there are some major lessons about wellness garnered in the '60s that have come back into practice today.
Meditation, yoga, acupuncture, the need for whole foods: They're all part of a holistic well-being, and a focus on getting back to nature that was so prevalent at the time. The '60s concern with spirituality and "meaning over money" (as Huff Post writer Carolyn Gregoire puts it) is rearing its head once again, and we're into it. Now more than ever, meditation and digital detox has become a trend, and there's an emphasis on being happy rather than racing for career success, which some have found emotionally unfulfilling. So, even though we're knee-deep in the latest iPhone, we're using it to download meditation apps. (Huff Post)