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22 Reasons To Get To The Mall — Now!

A trip to the mall once came with a jumbo-pretzel treat and maybe a sighting of your crush in the food court. But, as you prepare to head home for the holidays, a run to your town's local shopping mecca presents new kinds of treats. One's the quality time with your favorite lifelong buddy (your aunt, your childhood BFF, etc.). Another is walking away with truly amazing finds. And, yes, we have proof.
It's safe to say your hometown mall may not have all the indie designers you love. And, in a time when our e-commerce obsessions are more intense than ever, it's easy to overlook the old-fashioned way we once searched for our favorite trends. Yet, as Michael P. Glimcher, chairman and CEO of the U.S. mall-developing Glimcher Realty Trust, points out, "Think of [malls] as the intersection of life." Many may feature similar stores, but the future of mass-retail shopping aims to do what the Internet can't: provide optimal person-to-person service from trained (and better compensated) staff and address the specialized needs among bigger stores.
Of course, however, we're firm believers that there have always been opportunities to find gems within even the most overwhelming shopping environments. And, in planning ahead for this weekend's trip to the mall — you know it's happening — we've already scoured the racks for you. Ahead, we've lined up 22 inspired finds that can be found just around the corner from the good, old pretzel stand. Click on for a major retail attack.