Shop Cyber Monday At Work — & Keep Your Job, Too

ShoppingBag_VerticalPaginatedIllustrated by Gabriela Alford.
There are some things we'll sacrifice for landing an amazing shopping deal. But, no, our job is not one of them. And, unless you'd like to cash in on a vacation day this Cyber Monday to scour the interwebs for all of your holiday gifts, you may need an alternate plan of action that won't lead to missed deadlines and a chat with the big boss.
So, in the sneaky spirit of the season, Mashable has come up with a few clever tricks to cyber shop to your heart's content while on the job. One of our favorite tricks includes camouflaging your desktop — a simple screenshot trick — that's perfect for switching Net-A-Porter to the annual corporate performance spreadsheet in a snap. Of course, other bits of advice are more sensible, like waking up earlier and shopping before work begins. We also suggest skipping your lunchtime errands in exchange for a midday gift-buying spree. All in all, we don't really condone shopping on the job. But, if you really can't miss out on landing the booties of your dreams at half price, well, click on for the rest of Mashable's clever tricks that may save you from a trip to HR. (Mashable)

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