United Bamboo Debuts More Cat Gifts — Purr-fect For Gifting Yourself!

No surprise here: We like catsnot exclusively, but we like them. A lot. Therefore, we wait with anticipation every year to check out United Bamboo's cat calendar. But, this time around, things are working a bit differently.
Meet the latest offerings from the United Bamboo Cat Club, which puts some of the prettiest kitties on everything from notebooks to throw pillows for cuddling. Sending a holiday card to your old college roommate? Mail one with a furry friend on the front. Prepping your Secret Santa present? Choose the fashionable-feline wrapping paper that says, "You're so lucky I picked you." Yes, United Bamboo has created a collection that truly spreads cheer — holiday or otherwise. Click ahead to view the offerings, then shop them tomorrow online.