Robert Downey Jr. Named Hollywood’s MVP

EMBEDPhoto: Courtesy of REX USA/Tim Rooke/Rex.
Remember lining up on the playground to choose teams for kickball? And, that one lucky kid always got picked first? Well, if Hollywood had its own version of the sport, there's one person everyone would want on their team: Robert Downey Jr.
Yep, RDJ has been dubbed the industry's most valuable movie star, according to New York magazine. What, exactly, was the criteria? Well, they considered more than just box office stats, taking into account critics' reviews, likeability ratings, social media buzz, award nominations and wins — all of it. Downey, 48, took the cake for "overall Hollywood value," while Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and Sandra Bullock followed closely behind.
So, do you agree with the results, or does someone else deserve the top billing? Weigh in below! (NY Post)