HR Nightmare! 32 Spooked R29ers

We are kind to one another at R29 HQ. That is, until it's Halloween or April Fool's Day. Then, all bets are (understandably) off. Such was the case when we decided to bribe some unsuspecting staffers to watch the scariest Internet clip we could find, and then, you know, photograph their horrified faces.
We could go on waxing poetic about the divine transcendence that occurs at the moment of complete and utter terror. Or, we could psychoanalyze the varied responses our participants displayed when faced with a potential threat. But, really, the photos speak more than a thousand words, so we'll let them do the talking.
Wanna see what got R29ers so scared? Just hit play on the next slide. (Disclaimer: It's really, really scary. So don't say we didn't warn you. Also, NSW.)