Okay, This Makes Us Think Marc Is Really Leaving Louis Vuitton

Last week, speculation arose surrounding Marc Jacobs' role at Louis Vuitton. Though previously the rumor was that Jacobs would step down from his position, The Telegraph reports that Jacobs' namesake brand could be listed on the stock market, which would lead to the designer working exclusively on his own brand. What's more, executives at LVMH, who have a majority stake in Jacobs' brand, have reportedly been in talks with Nicolas Ghesquière to replace him as head of Louis Vuitton.
As The Telegraph points out, LVMH could certainly capitalize on the potential of Jacobs' brand, and a public listing would satisfy an ever-growing appetite of new share offers in the U.S. In other words, Jacobs doing strictly Jacobs would offer the highest value. But after 16 years at the French fashion house, and an upcoming show on Wednesday that's rumored to feature some of his greatest designs yet, should we be preparing ourselves for Jacobs' final bow? (Telegraph)
embedPhoto: Via Telegraph.

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