This Kickstarter Could Change The Way You Ride Your Bike

If you're a cyclist, you're already familiar with some of the trials and tribulations of biking in the city. Namely, you and your stuff get soaked in the rain, you know what getting "doored" is, and you can't shake the feeling that taxi drivers may actually be after you. Oh, and don't get us started on that what it's like to bike home after a trip to the grocery store, with bags precariously swinging from each handle bar. So, when our creative director's brother, Pepin Gelardi, introduced us to the Buca Boot, we couldn't picture our transportation lives without it.
The Boot fits onto any standard bike rack, and essentially functions as a trunk. Kathryn Carlson (a Bostonian who bikes 365 days a year like a boss) thought of Buca Boot while cycling the streets of London — "boot" being the British term for trunk. She teamed up with Tomorrow Lab and Guts & Glory to design the prototype, and it's the stuff city-cycling dreams are made of. The Boot is made of molded plastic and a gasketed lid, so your stuff is completely weatherproof. It holds larger items, like groceries and blankets, plus offers side pannier bags for extra storage. Plus, it can't be removed without first unlocking and opening the boot, making it a more secure option. Did we mention it's also really cute? You can support the Buca Boot by checking out its Kickstarter campaign. The only downside we can see is that it doesn't hold a puppy.
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