What Do Californians And New Yorkers Have In Common? Sex

chart-body-2Photo: Via Business Insider.
Are you dating in the Golden State or the Big Apple? According to a Business Insider poll published yesterday, Angelenos' dating habits — along with those of New Yorkers — differ significantly from the rest of Americans.
Over 1600 unattached men and women were surveyed, and the results show that these big-city residents tend to have a more lenient and open-minded approach to sex and dating. A few key points the poll illustrates: Californians and New Yorkers have sex at a younger age and are more willing to kiss on the first date than the rest of the country. We're also more likely to be dating someone of a different race, more likely to be pro-gay marriage, and — oddly enough — less likely to have ever dated a co-worker.
So, do you fit in with these stats or do you prefer to roll with the outliers? (Business Insider)