Is This The Worst Craigslist Ad EVER?

clistPhoto: Via Craigslist.
Sure, no matter the city you live in, being single boasts a handful of annoyances. But, there's something about being single in L.A. that feels, um, extra annoying.
And, though we don't have a list of secrets and tips to help you find your Mr./Mrs. Everything, we have found one particular gentleman who we'd advise NOT dating. Thanks to Jezebel, we've just read what we believe to be the worst personal ad we've ever seen on Craigslist. In addition to a section of 28 FAQS, this seeker of a "worthy woman" also promises to present all interested ladies with a "test" on the first date, to make sure they "are real, honest, motivated, serious, etc." Check out the full (and extensive) set of prerequisites here. Consider yourself warned. (Jezebel)