J.Crew Debuts Its September Catalog On Pinterest (But We’ve Got It Here, Too!)

If there's one thing we look forward to receiving in the mail this time of year just as much as September issues, it's J.Crew's fall catalog. But for those of you who appreciate a delivery service a little more high-tech than snail mail, you'll be pleased to hear that J.Crew debuted its catalog this morning exclusively on Pinterest.
With familiar faces and styling, the September catalog feels very much like a hit list of J.Crew's greatest hits (windswept hair, layered oxford shirts, pastel/neon clashes), but the whole thing is restrained in a way that's slightly alarming. Perhaps Mickey Drexler really did take Elizabeth DeRose's complaints to heart, and a pared-down, less editorial sensibility is the brand's attempt to recapture its core clientele? With ultra-simple styling that feels way more deliberate than in lookbooks past, this catalog is less fun than what we've come to expect from J.Crew...but, then again, we're a group of women who likes things a little kooky.
Click through for all the images (or, click through to Pinterest to start your repinning spree), and let us know what you think. Is this newer, simpler J.Crew brave or a little boring?