Only In L.A.: A 45-Page Water Menu

fijiImage: Courtesy of Fiji.
For the indecisive who can never decide on what to order for dinner, your life is about to get a little more complicated. That is, if Ray's & Stark Bar has anything to say about it.
Located in the LACMA, the restaurant and bar just debuted a 45-page water menu, offering H20 from ten different regions, ranging from the somewhat-normal-priced options to a $20 bottle from Greenland.
The theory behind the enterprise basically revolves around the notion that water should be taken as seriously as say, wine. But, then again, water is not wine — it's just water. Seriously though, imagine showing up to a nice dinner party with a bottle of...water?! Sure, you could argue it might be a good idea if your host is sober, yet still, we happen to think gifting a bottle of sparkling apple cider might be a bit more festive than a bottle of Fiji water.
While we can't say whether or not Ray's & Stark Bar will spearhead an influx of extensive water-only menus in L.A., at the very least, spending money like water just got a bit more literal. (Business Insider)