Are These The Worst Fashion Faux Pas Of ALL Time?

deb-2Photo: Courtesy of Nasty Gal
We've already named the trends we totally regret. And now, Debenhams has announced its own list of the worst trends, ever. After surveying over 1,500 customers in a Facebook poll, the British retailer released a list of the top ten offenders, and we can't say we were totally surprised with the number-one result: socks with sandals.
Ed Watson, spokesperson for Debenhams, says, "Socks and sandals are the epitome of British summer style gone wrong." But recently, we've seen the trend grace the runways of Burberry, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and even Chanel. And though we aren't necessarily on the socks-and-sandals band wagon yet, we can't help but go with our gut, here, which tells us that if Karl Lagerfeld deems it a trend, then it must be so.
The remaining items on the list of offenses are platforms for men, low-slung trousers, velour tracksuits, harems, crop tops, bum bags, shell suits, trucker hats, and scrunchies. We completely agree with things like platforms for men and trucker hats. We were, however, surprised to see crop tops on Debenhams roll call of fashion errors. Crop tops will always have a place in our wardrobes. And scrunchies? Sure, we wouldn't wear them today, but we have zero regrets about how many we owned in the '90s, and the frequency with which we absolutely rocked them.
What about you? To the comments with your most egregious style missteps, please. (Debenhams)

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